Negative Cable Replacement

1. Unlock and open seat.

2. Remove airbox cover. See 1.4 AIRBOX AND AIR FILTER.

3. See Figure 8-22. Remove battery negative terminal (1) fastener.

4. Remove nut (3) securing negative battery cable (2) to stud on adapter bracket (4) and negative battery cable.

5. Install new battery cable. Secure with nut on adapter bracket stud. Tighten to 6-10 Nm (53-88 in-lbs).

Figure 8-22. Battery Negative Cable

6. Secure other end of battery cable to battery negative terminal with fastener. Tighten to 6.8-10.8 Nm (60-96 in-lbs).

7. Turn ignition switch to the FUEL position and close seat. Then turn ignition switch to the LOCK position.


When closing the seat, make sure the ignition switch is in the FUEL position. If the ignition switch is in any other position when the seat is closed, the seat latch mechanism could be damaged.

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DIY Battery Repair

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