Oil Pressure Indicator Lamp

See Figure 3-4. The red oil pressure indicator lamp illuminates to indicate improper circulation of the engine oil. The lamp illuminates when the ignition is first turned on (before the engine is started), but should be extinguished once the engine is running.


Check the engine oil level if the oil pressure indicator lamp remains illuminated. If the oil level is normal, stop the engine immediately. Do not ride the vehicle until the problem is located and corrected.

If the indicator lamp is not extinguished, it may be the result of a low oil level or diluted oil supply. A defect in the lamp wiring, faulty oil pressure sending unit, damaged oil pump, plugged oil filter element, incorrect oil viscosity, broken or weak spring in the oil pressure relief valve and/or damaged or incorrectly installed o-rings in the engine may also cause the indicator lamp to remain on.

To troubleshoot the problem, always check the engine oil level first. If the oil level is OK, check oil pressure.

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