1. Remove the upper triple clamp.

2. See Figure 2-98. Insert key (1) and turn 1/2 way so that plunger (4) rotates in plunger boss (9).

3. Look into the half-moon opening (8) on back of fork lock boss. The slot (5) in plunger (4) should be visible in the opening.


If the plunger shot is not visible in the half-moon opening with the key 1/2 way between lock and unlock, the plunger can be rotated with pliers counterclockwise to compress the rotation pin and remove the plunger.

4. Using a thin tool, press in rotation pin (3) through slot (5) in plunger.

5. While pressing rotation pin (3) in, push up through small hole in bottom of plunger boss (2) until plunger (4) holds rotation pin (3) in. Remove tool and continue to push plunger (4) out of plunger boss (9).

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