How To Remove Pin From Sportster Brake Pedal

Damaged banjo bolt surfaces will leak when reassembled.

Prevent damage to seating surfaces by carefully removing brake line components.

1. Remove right side cover and maxi-fuse. See 8.5 MAXI-FUSE.

2. Remove radiator left side cover.

3. See Figure 2-49. With a suitable container under the master cylinder, remove the banjo bolt (1). Discard the two steel/rubber washers (7).

4. Remove the cotter key from the clevis pin (4).

5. See Figure 2-50. Cover the outside face of clevis pin with cardboard and using a large pliers, squeeze the pin until the pin shoulder pops out of its interference fit with the clevis. Remove the clevis pin.

6. See Figure 2-49. Remove the brake rod (5) from the clevis.

7. Pull remote reservoir from slot on radiator cover.

8. Remove jam nut (6) to free master cylinder from mounting bracket.

9. Remove master cylinder with the remote reservoir.

Figure 2-49. Rear Brake Master Cylinder & Reservoir

Figure 2-50. Releasing Clevis Pin (brake pedal removed from motorcycle for clarity)


1. Clip

2. Screw

3. Hose

4. Conduit

5. Screw

6. Reservoir cover

7. Gasket

8. Reservoir

9. Clamp

10. Jam nut

11. Cartridge housing

12. Service parts kit

13. Push rod

14. Brake pedal bushings

15. Brake pedal

16. Clevis

17. Cotter pin

18. Rod end

19. Nut

20. Retaining ring

21. Washer

22. Dust boot

23. Brake return spring retainer

24. Brake return spring

25. Retaining ring

26. Retaining ring

27. Seal ring

28. Banjo bolt

29. Steel/rubber washers

30. Frame clip

31. Bolt

32. Stoplamp switch

33. Brake line

Figure 2-51. Rear Brake Master Cylinder/Reservoir

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