Mark all hardware as it is removed so that it may be returned to its original location.

1. Remove right side cover and maxi-fuse.

2. Remove belt guard and debris deflector. See 2.31 BELT GUARD/DEBRIS DEFLECTOR.

3. Remove rear wheel. See 2.23 REAR WHEEL

4. Remove rear brake caliper brake fluid line from clips on rear fork. See 2.20 REAR BRAKE CALIPER.

5. Remove left lower rear shock absorber bolt. Remove right rear shock absorber bolt and thin height nut. See 2.32 REAR SHOCK ABSORBERS.


Block or support engine before removing pivot shaft.

6. See Figure 2-101. Remove pivot shaft nut (2).

7. Support rear fork and slide pivot shaft (8) out of rear fork. Rear fork (1) can now be removed from frame. Discard dust seals (3).


The left and right pivot spacers (5, 6) will remain inside the motor mounts.

1. Rear fork

2. Pivot shaft nut

3. Dust seal

4. Left pivot bearing assembly

5. Left spacer

6. Right spacer

7. Right pivot bearing

8. Pivot shaft

Figure 2-101. Rear Fork


Remove left pivot bearing assembly from fork only if replacement is required. The complete bearing assembly must be replaced as a unit when replacement is necessary. Do not intermix bearing components.

1. See Figure 2-102. Remove left pivot tapered bearings and bearing spacer.

2. Use a brass drift to drive out inboard and outboard bearing races.

3. See Figure 2-103. Using a die grinder, grind a spot to weaken c-clip bearing race separator at a point 180° opposite the open end. Pry out and break at grind point.

4. Remove remaining c-clip half.

5. See Figure 2-101. Carefully press right side bearing (7) from fork.

6. Clean all components in solvent and blow dry. Carefully inspect all bearing components for wear and/or corrosion.

7. Check that rear fork is not bent or twisted. Replace it if it is damaged.

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