Belt Guard

1. See Figure 2-99. Unthread left side lower shock mount bolt from belt guard (1) without removing shock mount bolt from rear fork.

2. Pull belt guard (1) rearward off of side rubber grommet (5) and upper rubber grommet (6). If necessary, remove fasteners (3) holding grommets (5, 6) to rear fork.

3. Inspect rubber grommets (5, 6) on the rear fork and remove the bolts and rubber grommets if necessary.

Debris Deflector

1. See Figure 2-99. Remove bolt (3) and washer (4) from the underside of the rear fork near the rear shock mount.

2. Pull the debris deflector (8) rearward off of the lower rubber grommet (7) and remove the debris guard.

3. Inspect the rubber grommet (7) on the rear fork and remove the bolt and rubber grommet if necessary.

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