Remove Fuel Tank Vrsca

1. Unlatch and open seat. Remove fuel cap, remove fuel filler boot, and replace fuel cap.


Gasoline is extremely flammable and highly explosive. Always stop the engine when refueling or servicing the fuel system. Do not smoke or allow open flame or sparks near the work site. Inadequate safety precautions could result in death or serious injury.

Fuel Pump Oil Sportster


3. Vapor vent hose \

4. Vapor valve frame clip \

5. Vapor valve g

6. Fender skin weldment

7. Pressure fuel line

8. Return fuel line

9. Fuel tank

10. Bracket bolts

11. Fuel tank bracket

12. Quad seal

13. Fuel pump/filters/fuel level sender assembly

14. Lock ring

15. Fuel cap o-ring

Figure 4-1. Fuel System




Fuel cap remover/installer

Hybeam Flashlight Picture

Figure 4-2. Maxi-fuse

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