Figure 6-18. Oil In Fitting

2. Replace the radiator/oil cooler assembly. See 6.8 RADIATOR/OIL COOLER.

3. While holding each crankcase fitting (oil in & oil out) with an angled wrench, install and tighten oil line sleeves to 53-58 Nm (39-42 ft-lbs).

4. Check oil level and add oil if required.

5. Replace the negative battery cable. Tighten to 6.8-10.8 Nm (60-96 in-lbs).

Figure 6-17. Oil Out Fitting

6. Install maxi-fuse and right side cover.

7. After running engine, a. Inspect oil sleeves and fittings for oil leaks.

b. Check oil level and add oil if required.

c. Check coolant level in overflow bottle with coolant cold and motorcycle on jiffy stand. Continue to run engine, check level, and add antifreeze until fluid level remains at COLD FULL line with motorcycle on jiffy stand. See 1.5 COOLING SYSTEM.

1. Install oil line fittings with o-ring on crankcase (oil in) and oil filter mount (oil out). Tighten to 25-30 Nm (19-22 ft-lbs).

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