Removing Parts

Always consider the weight of a part when lifting. Use a hoist whenever necessary. Do not lift heavy parts by hand. A hoist and adjustable lifting beam or sling are needed to remove some parts. The lengths of chains or cables from the hoist to the part should be equal and parallel and should be positioned directly over the center of the part. Be sure that no obstructions will interfere with the lifting operation. Never leave a part suspended in mid-air.


Always check the capacity rating and condition of hoists, slings, chains or cables before use. Failure to do so can lead to an accident which could result in death or serious injury.

Always use blocking or proper stands to support the part that has been hoisted. If a part cannot be removed, verify that all bolts and attaching hardware have been removed. Check to see if any parts are in the way of the part being removed.

When removing hoses, wiring or tubes, always tag each part to ensure proper installation.

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