Attachment clips are attached to the pin housings of most connectors. The clips are then attached to T-studs on the motorcycle frame. T-studs give positive location to electrical connectors and wire harness. Consistent location reduces electrical problems and improves serviceability.

1. Push the connector to disengage small end of slot on attachment clip from T-stud. Lift connector off T-stud.

2. Depress the external latch(es) on the socket housing side and use a rocking motion to separate the pin and socket halves. Two-, three-, four- and six-pin Deutsch connectors have one external latch, while eight- and twelve-pin connectors have two, both of which must be pressed simultaneously to separate the connector halves.


With few exceptions, the socket housing can always be found on the accessory side, while the pin side of the connector is connected to the wiring harness.

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