Vrsc Ignition Switch Removal

1. Remove maxi-fuse. See 8.5 MAXI-FUSE.

2. Unlock and open seat.

3. See Figure 8-7. Remove two fasteners (1), washers (3) and seat latch mechanism (4) from frame.

4. Remove fastener (2), washer (3) and ignition/light switch (5) from frame.

5. Using IGNITION SWITCH CONNECTOR REMOVAL TOOL (HD-45961), carefully release latching tab securing wiring harness connector to back of ignition/light switch. Pull connector out of ignition/light switch socket.

6. Insert wiring harness connector into new ignition/light switch socket. Gently push connector into socket until it locks into place.

7. See Figure 8-7. Install ignition/light switch into hole in frame. Make sure square boss on top of switch fits into square hole in frame. Secure with fastener (2) and washer (3). Tighten fastener to 6-10 Nm (53-88 in-lbs).

8. Secure seat latch mechanism to frame with two fasteners (1) and washers (3). Tighten fasteners to 6-10 Nm (53-88 in-lbs).

9. Turn ignition switch to the FUEL position and close seat. Then turn ignition switch to the LOCK position.

4. Seat latch mechanism

5. Ignition/light switch

6. Fork lock plunger

7. Fork lock

Figure 8-7. Ignition/Light Switch


When closing the seat, make sure the ignition switch is in the FUEL position. If the ignition switch is in any other position when the seat is closed, the seat latch mechanism could be damaged.

10. Replace fork lock and plunger. See 2.30 FORK LOCK.

11. Replace maxi-fuse. See 8.5 MAXI-FUSE.

12. Test all functions of ignition/light switch.

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