Rod Main Fuse

Table 9-1. Spark Specifications



Idle speed

1200 ┬▒ 50 rpm

Spark plug size

12 mm

Spark plug gap

0.035 in.

0.89 mm

Spark plug type

Harley-Davidson No. 10R12A (no substitute)

Ignition coil primary resistance at room temperature

0.3-0.5 ohms

Ignition coil secondary resistance at room temperature

2750-3250 ohms

Table 9-2. Fuse Specifications



Main fuse


Ignition fuse


Lighting fuse


Accessory fuse


Battery fuse


Security fuse


ECM power fuse

The fuse labeled "Security" provides basic turn signal functionality on vehicles without a factory-installed security system. Do not remove this fuse or use it as a replacement fuse for other systems.

Table 9-3. Charging Specifications




12 amp hour/200 CCA

Alternator AC voltage output

16-22 VAC per 1000 rpm

Alternator stator coil resistance

0.1-0.3 ohms

Regulator voltage output @ 3600 rpm

14.4-14.6 volts

Regulator amperes @ 3600 rpm

30-35 amps




Electronic control module (ECM) mounting bolts

6-10 Nm

53-89 in-lbs

page 9-5

Engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT)

23 Nm

17 ft-lbs

hand start 2-3 turns, page 9-8

Fuel injector clip screws

2.0-2.8 Nm

18-25 in-lbs

page 9-13

Fuel pressure regulator clip

2.0-2.8 Nm

18-25 in-lbs

page 9-13

Fuel rail Schr├Ąder valve

6.8-9.6 Nm

60-85 in-lbs

page 9-12

Idle air control (IAC) screws

2.8-4.0 Nm

25-35 in-lbs

use new screws or LOCTITE THREADLOCKER 243 (blue), page 9-10

Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor screws

6-10 Nm

53-89 in-lbs

page 9-7

Manifold air pressure sensor (MAP)

6-10 Nm

53-89 in-lbs

page 9-11

Throttle body clamps

1.25 Nm

11 in-lbs

page 9-8

Throttle position sensor screws

2.0-2.8 Nm

18-25 in-lbs

page 9-6

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