Tail Lamp812


1. See Figure 8-24. Insert a small screwdriver into middle hole of license plate light cover. Push forward with screwdriver to release tail lamp housing retaining clip.

2. Lift rear of tail lamp housing up and slide housing assembly away from fender.

3. See Figure 8-25. To replace tail lamp bulb:

a. Turn bulb socket assembly (2) clockwise (CW) and pull outward from tail lamp housing.

b. Remove bulb by turning counterclockwise (CCW) and pulling from bulb socket assembly.

c. Push new bulb into bulb socket assembly and turn clockwise.

d. Insert bulb socket assembly into tail lamp housing and turn counterclockwise to lock in place.

4. To replace license plate bulbs:

a. Remove license plate bulbs (5) by turning housing counterclockwise. Tab on bulb housing must clear tab on license plate light housing.

b. Pull bulb from socket and replace with new bulb.

c. Install housing by aligning tabs and turning clockwise.

5. To replace entire tail lamp assembly:

a. Press down on release latch on connector socket (1).

b. Detach socket from wiring harness connector.

Figure 8-24. Releasing Tail Lamp Retaining Clip

Figure 8-25. Tail Lamp Wiring

1. See Figure 8-25. Route all electrical connectors and wiring harnesses to either side of tail lamp opening in fender, away from tail lamp bulb housing.

2. If entire tail lamp assembly was replaced, insert wiring harness connector (1) in socket and push together gently until release latch locks in place.


When installing tail lamp assembly, make sure tail lamp bulb is pointing toward rear of vehicle.

3. Install tail lamp assembly as follows:

a. Insert tabs (4) on front of tail lamp housing under forward edge of fender opening.

b. Carefully push tail lamp assembly toward front of vehicle.

c. Engage retaining clip (3) with rear edge of fender opening. Gently press down on tail lamp assembly until clip locks in place.


Retaining clip must engage rear fender opening for tail lamp to remain locked into position in rear fender.

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