Figure 20 Replacing The Sealedbeam Unit

2. Turn on light switch, set handlebar toggle switch in BRIGHT position, and check light beam lor height and direction. The top of the main beam of light should register on the wall or screen even with, but no higher than, the horizontal line mentioned above.

3. If beam requires adjustment, remove headlamp door. The lamp can be tilted up or down to aim it in relation to the horizontal line by turning vertical adjustment screw (7) in or out. The lamp can be aimed to the right or left in relation to the front wheel by turning the horizontal adjustment screw (8) in or out.

Alternator Charging Rate and Control Module

The alternator output is controlled and changed to direct current by the control module located at the front of the engine. The regulator portion functions to increase charging rate when battery is low or lamps are lighted, and to decrease charging rate when no lamps are lighted and when battery is up. This unit requires no interval attention. Should any electrical system trouble be experienced that might be traceable to the alternator or control module, the motorcycle should be taken to your Harley-Davidson dealer who has the necessary electrical testing equipment to give required attention.

Bulb Chart

The bulb chart, facing, gives the location and bulb requirements for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

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