Figure 5 Instrument Panel

after it has been unlocked. The center position of the switch is the off position for both lights and ignition. The right (counter-clockwise) of center position is for parking lights only; the first left (clockwise) position is for ignition only and the second left position, for ignition and running lights. The switch can be locked only in the off and the park positions. Remember that lighting the headlamp when the engine is not running also turns the ignition on. The headlamp upper and lower beams are controlled by a toggle switch (2, figure 2) on the left handlebar. High beam indicator lamp (figure 5) indicates upper beam. Make a record of key number so that it can easily be replaced in case of loss.

Throttle Control Grip

Turn throttle control grip (10, figure 3) outward to close throttle; turn it inward to open throttle.

Clutch Foot Pedal

The clutch foot pedal is located on the left side where it may be conveniently operated by the left foot. The clutch is engaged when the toe is down and released when the heel is down.

Hand Gear Shift Lever

The hand gear shift lever (figure 6) is located on the left side and the various positions are plainly marked on shifter gate. This lever must

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