The headlamp is of the sealed beam type. When replacement is required use only the prescribed sealed unit available from your Harley-Davidson dealer.

Replacing Headlamp Sealed Beam Unit (see figure 20)

If either filament burns out or if the lens breaks, the entire sealed beam unit must be discarded and a new unit installed.

To install a new unit loosen door screw (1) enough to remove headlamp door (2). Remove the three retaining ring screws (4) and remove retaining ring (3). The sealed beam unit (5) is now free from the headlamp body, and the connector block (7) can now be removed from the unit by pulling connector block (6) from the unit's prongs.

Install the new unit by reversing above operations. Make sure prongs on unit are clean to assure good contact with connector block.

No attempt should be made to repair a defective sealed beam unit. When the seal is broken the reflector tarnishes and poor light and road visibility result.

Headlamp Adjustment (see figure 20)

The headlamp beam must be adjusted for height and direction. To get the greatest efficiency from the headlamp and to meet the requirements of the law make the following adjustment in a darkened room or at night.

1. Have the motorcycle standing on a level surface with tires correctly inflated about 25 feet away from, and headed toward, a wall or screen upon which a horizontal line has been drawn at exactly the same height as the headlamp center. The motorcycle must be resting on both wheels and the front wheel must be in straight alignment.

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