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Truing and Sizing Main Bearing Races

Before refitting worn main bearings, lap outer races to true them and remove any trace of wear shoulder at sides of roller paths using Harley-Davidson special lap. Part No. 11954-40 (see Illus. 48). Note: Before lap can be inserted in crankcase bushings, bearing washers, bearing spring rings and oil retaining bushing must be removed from the crankcase bushings. A race that is worn .0005" or more should be renewed.

When renewing main bearing races, heat cases (not over 300° F.) around races. Heating expands cases slightly and less force is required to press old races out and new races in. New races after installation, should also be lapped to smooth, true and align them; and to size them so that specified bearing clearance can be attained with roller sizes available.

When lapping main bearing races, right and left cases must be assembled and three or more studs

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