Fitting and Adjusting

All Holler Bearings: .0006" to .001"; .0008" preferred.

Mainshatt in Main Drive Gear Bronze Bushing: .002" to .003" loose; .0025" preferred.

Countershaft Gear Endplay: .008" to .012"; .010" preferred.

Main Drive Gear and Sprocket Assembly Endplay: .005" to .014"; .010" preferred. See Item (12) under "Transmission Assembly—Main Drive Gear Group," Page 131.

Shiiter Cam Endplay: Free to .005". If when installing new shifter cam or new transmission cover, cam is tight endways, file boss in case. If cam has too much endplay, make and install a shim washer of required thickness.

Mainshaft Shifter Clutch Side Clearance: about .100" both sides, when shifter clutch is centered.

Countershaft Shifter Clutch Side Clearance: about .075" both sides, when shifter clutch is centered.

Sliding Gear Side Clearance: about .055" between teeth of sliding gear and mainshaft gear with which it engages. Highest points of rounded ends of gear teeth must be in exact alignment when checking clearance.

Note: Complete instructions for checking and adjusting shifter clutches and sliding gear are included with Harley-Davidson shifter fork gauge, Part No. 12074-39.

Clutch Spring Tension Adjustment:

1940 and Earlier Model Clutch—Distance from face of spring collar to shoulder on thrust plate mounting studs should be 3 8".

1941 to 1947 Model Clutch—Distance from inner edge of spring collar to surface of outer disc should be 31 32".

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