Fitting And Reassembling Engine

Cleaning and Inspecting Parts

First thoroughly wash all parts in gasoline or solvent and inspect them for wear and damage. Clean out oil passages in pinion shaft, right flywheel a&d timing gear case cover, with a piece of wire, and compressed air. Clean dry shellac from crankcase center joint and register, with a scraper. Do this carefully to avoid any deep scratches that may allow oil leakage when cases are reassembled.

Clean outside of cylinder and head with wire brush to remove dirt, rust, etc., getting in between cooling fins as much as possible. Scrape carbon from cylinder head, top of cylinder, top of bore above ring path, and inlet and exhaust valve ports. When scraping carbon, be careful not to deeply scratch or nick cylinder and head joint faces, as a deep scratch may result in a leak. Blow off loosened carbon, dirt, rust, etc., with compressed air and wipe cylinder bore and joint faces with a clean rag. O.H.V. Engine: Clean out valve spring covers and their oil return lines.

All Models: Check pinion gear for fit on pinion shaft. Gear should be from snug fit to free sliding fit on pinion shaft but should have no perceptible lash. Even slight lash will usually result in noisy operation for which other timing gears are often held responsible. To correct such a condition will require renewing pinion gear and/or pinion shaft.

Carefully remove carbon from pistons. If a tool for cleaning ring grooves is not available, sharpen end of a broken ring to a chisel edge. Avoid scratching or damaging sides of ring grooves.

Carefully examine all shafts and bearing races for damaged and pitted surfaces and measure shafts with micrometer for extent of wear. If any parts are found with rough or pitted surfaces, renew them. Also renew races that are found worn .0005" or more. Renew any shafts that show any trace of wear shoulder at sides of roller paths or are worn .0005" or more.

Examine roller retainers for cracks and extent of wear; compare with new retainer. If retainer backs are worn thin or retainers are worn to any noticeable extent otherwise, renew them.

Refinishing Cylinders Oversize and Fitting New Pistons

In reconditioning an engine, cylinders and pistons must be accurately measured with micrometers for extent of wear. Inside and outside micrometers used for cylinder-piston fitting should first be checked together to be sure they are adjusted to read exactly the same. By subtracting piston measurement from bore measurement, amount of piston-cylinder clearance is obtained.

Bore measurement of a used and worn cylinder should be taken V2" from top of cylinder, in ring path, measuring front to rear, where thrust faces of piston bear (see Illus. 33).

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