Forked Rear Cylinder Connecting

CAUTION: After flywheels and rods are assembled, make final .check to be sure oil passage is open to rod roller bearing. Apply compressed air to oil hole in side of pinion shaft, near its outer end, and observe that air escapes around connecting rod lower end. If this passage becomes blocked (closed off) in some manner and engine is assembled and put in service with it blocked, engine will get no lubrication, except in the timing gear case. This is not likely to be detected until serious damage has been done, as the oil circulation indicator in instrument panel will give no warning when the oiling system is blocked in this passage.

DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

You can now recondition your old batteries at home and bring them back to 100 percent of their working condition. This guide will enable you to revive All NiCd batteries regardless of brand and battery volt. It will give you the required information on how to re-energize and revive your NiCd batteries through the RVD process, charging method and charging guidelines.

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