Gear Shaft Bearing Washfr

PISTON PIN BUSHING — Rcom or horte to fit pitlon pin .001" loose. SET OF CONNECTING RODS, with cronk pin and roller beorlng complete (Include! hem! 14, 21 and 221. Forked treorl rod Side pfay .006" la .010" between flywheel wotheri (Item 24). Forked (rear) rod it No. 285-36 ond single end (front! rod is No. 286-36.

crank pin

CRANK PIN ROLLER BEARING COMPLETE — Fil this beorlng .001" ta .0012" loose. Bearing consist! of 4 No. 301-40 retainers. It No. 304-40 long rollers ond 36 No. 304-40 short tolleri. (See "FOOTNOTE NO. I "I.


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DIY Battery Repair

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