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ings, use Harley-Davidson special tool set. Part No. 12012-44D. Complete instructions for renewing bushings are included with tool set. See Illus. 113, 114, 115 and 116.

Throttle disc renewal is not usually necessary. If found worn or damaged to the extent of requiring renewal, be sure to install a new one with the same identification number stamped in face of disc. To identify disc see "Carburetor Specifications", Page 125. With disc correctly installed and in closed position, number will be seen through manifold end of carburetor and will be on the opposite side of carburetor from small idle holes.

16. Install choke shaft, with stop notch ball located on end of spring and hold ball in place with choke lever (bottom notch)—Side Valve Model, or stop plate (bottom notch—O.H.V. Model. While holding ball in position, pass choke shaft through body holes (with highest point of cam upward) and enter end of shaft in choke lever, or stop plate. Secure choice lever with lock screw, or stop plate with nut and washer. Install choke disc in shaft slot with hole at bottom of barrel. Close choke, line up screw holes and install and tighten disc retaining screws.

17. After installing low speed needle in lift lever, locate the tension spring and lift lever spring seat (washer with shoulder) on needle with washer shoulder toward spring. Engage needle in body channel and press on lifter lever assembly to compress spring so pivot screw can be installed. Be careful not to bend needle when compressing spring.

CAUTION: The lift lever spring seat hole is calibrated and limits the amount of air bleed to idle circuit and must be in place; otherwise carburetor cannot be adjusted for satisfactory engine idling.

18. Install high speed needle.

A few military and police motorcycles are equipped with a carburetor having a fixed high speed adjustment instead of an adjustable needle. One of the body screw plugs is replaced with a jet plug having an accurately calibrated hole. The "dummy" high speed needle is tightened against its seat and all fuel enters through hole in jet plug.

Carburetor Adjustments Provided

(To Identify Items, Refer to Illus. 108)

Carburetor is provided with three adjustments as follows:

1. Low speed needle (3) adjustment controls idling and low speed fuel mixture.

2. High speed needle (2) adjustment controls high speed fuel mixture.

3. Throttle lever stop screw (6) adjustment controls idling speed.

Low speed needle (3) is mounted on a lever which is actuated by a cam on end of choke shaft. By means of this arrangement, when choke lever is in any position other than open, needle is lifted (degree of lift depends on position of choke lever) away from its seat enriching the mixture. When choke lever is in open position, needle is in normal running position.

After a carburetor has been apart for clean-up service, readjust it according to instructions applying to carburetor that is badly out of adjustment (see "Adjusting Carburetor," Page 21).


Replacing Throttle Shaft Bushihgs

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