Illus 117 Left Side Of Transmission Stripped

Removing Transmission From Chassis

1. Remove clutch control rod by loosening lock nut at pedal connection and turning rod out of connection.

2. Remove left footboard and studs only.

3. Remove outer front chain guard after removing screws and lock washers which secure it to inner chain guard.

4. Disconnect shifter rod from transmission lever after removing cotter pin and plain washer from end of rod.

5. Remove engine sprocket nut (right thread) using Harley-Davidson special wrench, Part No. 12645-26. It will be necessary to strike wrench handle with a hammer to loosen nut. Free sprocket from shaft taper by striking flat surface, near outer edge, a light but sharp rap with a hammer being careful not to strike sprocket teeth or sprocket shaft threads. Sprocket and chain are then free to be removed.

6. Remove cotter pin, nut, flat washer and spring from each of the two inner chain guard rear mounting bolts. Bend ears of screw lock away from each of the three cap screws that secure front end of inner chain guard to crankcase, and remove cap screws and lock. Remove oil drain pipe from chain guard. O.H.V. Models—It will be necessary to remove oil spout and rubber seal from front chain oiler pipe.

7. Disconnect speedometer drive cable and housing from transmission.

8. Remove rear chain connecting link and chain.

9. Remove rear chain oiler pipe (if motorcycle is so eguipped). First disconnect pipe from oil pump; then remove the clips which secure pipe to transmission and to sub-mounting plate.

10. Remove bolt which secures transmission to support bracket on right side of frame.

11. Remove the two bolts and two cap screws which secure transmission sub-mounting plate to chassis.

12. Remove complete transmission (with sub-mounting plate, clutch and inner chain guard remaining attached) from left side of chassis (see Illus. 118).

Note: Clutch and inner chain guard can be removed before removing transmission, if desired (see Illus. 117).

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