FRONT AND REAR BRAKE ASSEMBLIES (To Identify Items Refer to Illus. 10 and 11)

Relining brake shoes: Clean and inspect all parts, If brake shoes are cracked or otherwise damaged they must be replaced. Brake shoe linings worn down to rivet heads, or impregnated with grease as a result of overgreasing wheel hubs, must be renewed. New linings can be riveted to shoes, or new shoes and linings can be installed.

Linings are the same for both shoes of front and sidecar wheel brakes.

Linings for rear wheel brake are the same for both shoes as received on parts order, however, after lining has been riveted to rear shoe, it must be beveled at lower end for a distance of as shown in Illus. 12. Rear shoe and lining assembly as received on parts order, has lining beveled at lower end.

When relining a shoe, start at one end and work to other end in order to make lining bear tightly against shoe and not buckle in the middle. If a riveting machine' is not available, set rivets with hand tools, making sure they draw lining tight against shoe.

After relining brake shoes, or fitting new brake shoes and linings, reassemble as shown in Illus, 12.

When installing brake operating shaft (13) or (18), be sure "arrow" points to outside as shown in Illus. 12.

Reinstall brake shoe springs (20) and (21) or (16) as shown in Illus. 12.

Install brake assembly and wheel in motorcycle, and loosen nut on pivot stud (5) or (8), Illus. 12. Apply brake hard and while holding it applied, tighten nut. This centers shoe assembly in brake drum. Adjust brake—see "Adjusting Brakes," Page 20.

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