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After removing nut and lock washer, use Harley-Davidson special puller to pull hub from mainshaft taper—puller Part No. 12749-36 for 1940 and earlier Models or Port No. 12022-41 for 1941 to 1947 Models. See Illus. 124 and 125 for removing 1941 to 1947 Model hub.

Removing Sprocket

(To Identify Items. Refer to Illus. 121)

4. Bend ear of lock washer (22) away from side of sprocket lock nut (23). Remove nut (left thread) using Harley-Davidson special wrench. Part No. 12023-X. With nut and lock washer removed, oil deflector (21) and sprocket (20) are free to be removed from main drive gear spline. Note: Be careful not to lose main drive gear spacer key (19).

Removing Starter Cover Assembly

(To Identify Items, Refer to Illus. 120)

5. Place oil drain pan under transmission. Remove starter cover nuts (31) and plain washers (30). Cover assembly with clutch release lever assembly is then free to be pulled off mounting studs. Clutch release bearing (12) will come off with cover—see Illus. 119. If starter cover binds, it is due to release bearing (12) binding on starter clutch. Pry bearing off starter clutch. Do not pry cover (25) as this will damage bearing. Avoid damaging cover gasket (29) unless a new replacement gasket is available.

With starter cover removed push rod is free to be pulled out of mainshaft.

Removing Starter Clutch and Mainshaft Gear

(To Identify Items. Refer to Illus. 122)

6. Bend ear of lock washer (51) away from side of nut (52) and remove nut. Pull starter clutch (49) from mainshaft taper with Harley-Davidson special puller. Part No. 12737-43. See Illus. 126. With starter clutch removed, starter clutch keys (50), starter mainshaft gear (48) and starter clutch spring (47) are free to be removed from mainshaft.

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