Illus 138 Rear Wheel Removed

Removing Sidecar Wheel

Raise wheel by blocking up underneath sidecar chassis. Loosen nut that secures front lower end of mudguard to sidecar step. Loosen nut (several turns) that secures mudguard inner brace clip to bracket. Remove nut that secures mudguard outer brace clip to axle extension nut, and hinge mudguard forward, making sure lamp wiring (if sidecar is equipped with lamp) has sufficient slack.

Remove extension nut, washer and axle nut. Wheel can now be pulled off axle with brake drum attached. Detachment of wheel from brake drum is necessary only when wheel or brake drum is to be replaced or wheel interchanged. To detach wheel from brake drum, remove the five wheel mounting socket screws that secure wheel to brake drum. Use Harley-Davidson special wrench, Part No. 12025-35 or wrench furnished in tool kit.

When replacing wheel, reverse operations ot removal. It is important that wheel mounting socket screws be very tight to avoid any possibility of wheel working loose in service and consequently damaging hub flange.

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