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After all nipples have been pulled up until spokes are normally tight and wheel is true, or nearly so, seat each spoke head into hub flange with a sharp blow, using a flat nose punch and hammer. Then retighten all nipples and finish truing wheel. This method allows spokes to be drawn tighter at the start and prevents possibility of spokes loosening, due to spoke heads seating into flange, after wheel is put into service.

CAUTION: Do not tighten spokes too tight or nipples may draw through rim, or hub flanges may be distorted. If spokes are left too loose, they will continue to loosen when wheel is put in service.

6. File or grind off ends of any spokes protruding through nipples to prevent puncturing tube when tire is mounted.

Wheel Spokes, Rims and Nipples

5.00" x 16" Wheel—spoke length 6-23/32", diameter .161", Part No. 3943-40. Nipple Part No. 394729. Rim Part No. 3940-40.

4.00" x 18" Wheel—spoke length 8-5/32", diameter .161", Part No. 3943-36. Nipple Part No. 394729. Rim Part No. 3940-35.

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