Checking Connecting Rod Lower Bearing For Excessive Wear and Looseness

Check rods for up and down play and upper end side shake (see Illus. 30). To make this check with accuracy, pistons should first be removed. When appreciable up and down plaj is found and either or both rods have 3/32" or more side shake at extreme upper end, lower bearing should be refitted. This requires removing and disassembling engine base.

Of course, in connection with emergency piston and ring service, which is usually a service job that, under the circumstances, can be done only well enough to take an engine through a further short period of use, after which it is to be completely overhauled as needed, somewhat more than normal maximum lower end looseness should be allowed to pass.

Removing Engine Base for Overhaul

After first disassembling for top overhaul and finding that base also needs attention, perform operations 9 to 23 inclusive, for O.H.V. Engine, or operations 10 to 23 inclusive, for Side Valve Engine, under "Removing Assembled Engine From Chassis for Complete Overhaul," Page 41.

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