5/32" drill, using oil holes already in bushing bosses as a drill guide (see Illus. 40).

After bushings have been pressed in, dowel pinned and necessary oil holes drilled, they must be line reamed with Harley-Davidson special reamers.

Line reaming rear intake cam gear shaft bushings: Insert Harley-Davidson special reamer. Part No. 12133-37 through crankcase bushing from inside (see Illus. 43) but do not turn reamer in bushing as yet. Slip cover bushing reamer over end of smaller reamer and insert pin through reamers and install pin retainer (see Illus. 43). Install gear case cover, at same time starting cover bushing reamer in cover bushing. Turn reamer into crankcase and gear case cover bushings until it bottoms in gear case cover. Remove gear case cover and then remove cover bushing reamer from smaller reamer.

Line reaming front exhaust and front intake cam gear shaft bushings: Again install gear case cover. With cover bushing reamer removed, insert Harley-

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