1. Inspection hole in left crankcase showing flywheel timing mark exactly in center of hole.

2. Breather pinion shaft gear (spiral gear).

3. Outer face of pinion gear—must be 7/16" from gear case joint face when timing breather.

4. Timing hole in breather sleeve; registering in center of slot in bushing.

5. Pinion gear; slip fit on shaft.

6. Crankshaft breather sleeve gear; also drives scavenger oil pump.

attempts before spiral gear and sleeve gear can be meshed to give desired results.

Summarizing the above breather timing instructions: Spiral drive gear (2) must be so engaged with breather sleeve gear that when flywheel mark is in center of inspection hole and pinion gear (5) is held with its outer face (3) 7/16" from gear case joint face, timing hole (4) in breather sleeve registers in breather housing slot as shown.

After timing breather valve, exercise care that breather timing gears are not pulled out of mesh, permitting timing to change, while installing valve timing gears.

CAUTION: The breather is a part of and drives scavenger oil pump underneath gear case. If there is occasion to remove scavenger pump, breather will of course come out with it. Removing does not require taking off gear case cover. However, it must be remembered that in order to reassemble with breather timed, it is necessary to take off gear case cover and follow the foregoing timing instructions.

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