1. Clutch lever.

2. Push rod adjusting screw.

3. Push rod adjusting screw lock nut.

4. Spring tension adjusting nuts (three). ) n>[sregard when

5. Spring tension adjusting nut locks (three), (adjusting control. 16. Footpedal.

21. Footpedal rod.

Footnote: During 1947 season, 9pring tension adjusting nut locks (5) were eliminated and adjusting nuts (4) were superseded by sell locking nuts.


Adjusting Clutch Spring Tension

1940 and Earlier Models

(To Identify Items. Refer to IIlus. 8)

If clutch slips, after control has been checked and correctly adjusted, increase spring tension by tightening (turn right) nut (8). To get to this nut, remove chainguard clutch cover as when adjusting control, and take off thrust plate (5). Before nut (8) can be turned, washer (7) will have to be straightened where it is set into nut slot to lock adjustment. (Note —Washer (7) is also set into slot in spring collar (11) to lock hub nut (9). Using Harley-Davidson special wrench. Part No. 12746-36, or soft punch and hammer, tighten nut (8), one turn at a time, until clutch holds. Test after each turn by cranking engine. Usually a clutch that holds without any noticeable slippage when cranking engine, also holds on the road.

Do not increase spring tension any more than actually required to make clutch hold. As new clutch is originally assembled and adjusted, the distance from face of spring collar (11) to shoulder on four thrust plate mounting studs is %". In any case, do not tighten nut (8) to the point where spring collar (11) is more than 11/16" away from shoulder on studs. This is about six turns of adjusting nut (8) from original adjustment. If compressed more, clutch probably cannot be fully released.

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