Air Cleaner Assembly Illustration . 10

Air Cleaner, (Oil Bath Type) 10

Alignment, Fork, Frame and Handlebar 156

Aligning, Gas Shut-off Valve Fittings 163

Battery, Care of 106

Bearings, Engine Main 59,60

Bearings, Connecting Rod Lower 60,61

Brake, Front Wheel, Assembly Illustration 18

Brake, Rear Wheel, Assembly Illustration 19

Brake, Front and Rear Wheel Assembled, illustration 20

Brakes, Adjusting 20

Brakes, Servicing 20

Breather Valve, Timing (Side Valve Engine)________70

Bushings, Connecting Rod Upper 90

Bushings, Cam Gear Shaft —

OJi.V. Engine 53

Side Vaive Engine 54

Carburetor, Adjusting 21

Carburetor, Servicing 120

Chains, Adjusting 12

Chains, Lubricating 12

Chains, Repairing 14

Circuit Breaker Assembly Illustrations 80,81

Circuit Breaker, Removing —

OJI.V. Engine 43

Side Valve Engine 44

Circuit Breaker, Servicing 80

Circuit Breaker, Installing and Timing Ignition.81, 82

Clutch Assembly Illustration 146

Clutch, Spring Tension, Adjusting 16

Clutch, Disassembling 16,17

Clutch, Reassembling 17

Clutch Control, Checking and Adjusting 15

Clutch Hub, Removing 136

Clutch, Installing 142

Commutator, Cleaning 103

Connecting Rods, Aligning 83

Control Cable, Front Brake, Replacing 26

Control Wire, Throttle and Spark, Replacing 25

Crankcases, Assembling 63

Cylinders, Reboring and Rehoning 45

Cylinder Head Assembly Illustration

Cylinder Heads, Servicing (O.H.V. Engine)----37, 52

Cylinders, Installing —

Side Valve Engine 85

Cylinder Heads Installing —

Side Valve Engine 87


Electrical System 96

Engine Overhauling 37

Engine, Disassembling for Top Overhaul Only —

OJi.V. Engine 37

Side Valve Engine 40

Engine, Removing (Assembled) 41

Engine, Disassembling for Complete Overhaul —

OJI.V. Engine 43

Side Valve Engine 43

Engine, Fitting and Reassembling 45

Engine, Installing 87

Engine, Starting 5

Engine, To Stop 5

Engine, Running in New 5

Engine Serial Number 3

Flutter Valve, Servicing (Side Valve Engine)--------54

Flywheels, Servicing and Installing Crank Pin.. 60

Flywheels, Assembling 61

Flywheels, Truing 62

Forks, Removing and Installing 153

Gear Ratios, Standard 4

Gear Shifter Control, Checking and Adjusting.. 14

Generator Assembly Illustrations 92,94

Generator, Removing 97

Generator, Testing 97 to 99, and 101

Generator, Disassembling 99

Generator, Reassembling 102

Generator, Installing 64,103

Generator Charging Rate 103

Handlebar Controls, Servicing 25

Handlebars, Straightening 158

Handlebar Grip Assembly Illustration 25

Headlamp, Adjusting 110

High Speed Tips 6

Horn HO

Ignition Coil 107

Ignition Timing—by Piston Position 86

Lamp Bulbs Ill

Legend for o.h.v. engine oiling and breather system 30

Lubrication, Commutator End Armature Bearing 105

Lubricants—Types to Use 9

Lubrication Chart 9

Lubrication, Engine - 33

Lubrication, General 8

Lubrication, Transmission 144

Maintenance, Regular Interval Inspection 11

Motorcycle—Initial Servicing 10

Oil Pump, Removing (O.H.V. Engine) 28,43

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