Rocker Arm Cover Screw (una as Items 13, 16 and 27) Intake Cover Plate Intake Cover Gasket »

Valve Key (Pair)—(same as Item 18) Upper Valve Spring Collar (same as Item 20) "

Outer Valve Spring (same as Item 21) Free length 1%'—110 to 120 pounds @ lHi'

Inner Valve Spring (same as Item 22) Free length 1%*—70 to 80 pounds @

Lower Valve Spring Collar (same as Item 23)

Intake Valve Guide (top end of guide is beveled—oversizes available

.001' and .002') Intake Valve Spring Cover Intake Spring Cover Screw Plate (curved) Intake Spring Cover Screw Plate (straight)

Spring Cover Asbestos Gasket (same as Item 28—two under intake valve spring cover—one under exhaust valve spring cover) Intake Valve (.004' to .006* clearance in valve guide—marked "IN" on head)

Exhaust Cover Plate

Exhaust Cover Gasket

Exhaust Valve Guide (top end of guide is flat-

.001" and .002*) Exhaust Valve Spring Cover Exhaust Spring Cover Screw Plate (straight)

-oversizes available

Exhaust Spring Cover Screw Plate (curved)

Exhaust Valve (.004' to .006' clearance in valve guide—marked

"EX" on head) Lock Washer (same as Item 34) Rocker Arm Shaft Nut (same as Item 35) Plain Washer

Rocker Arm Housing Cap Screw (upper)

Cylinder Head "

Rocker Arm Housing Cap Screw Lock Washer

Rocker Arm Housing Cap Screw (lower)—(same as Item 53)

Intake Rocker Arm Shaft

Intake Rocker Arm (.007' to .016" sideplay)

Oil Seal (same as Item 50)

Oil Seal Retaining Washer (same as Item 49)

Rocker Arm Thrust Washer (same as Item 48)

Aluminum Rocker Arm Housing

Plain Washer

Rocker Arm Shaft Nut

Exhaust Rocker Arm (.007' to .016" sideplay) Exhaust Rocker Arm Shaft

Exhaust Spring Cover Adaptor Oil Seal Retaining Washer Oil Seal

Oil Seal Retaining Washer Oil Seal

1940 and earlier models: Use Items 42 and 43 for intake rocker arm; Items 54, 55, 56, 57 and 58 for exhaust rocker arm.

1941 and later models: Use Items 42, 43, 49 and 50.

Reassembling Cylinder Heads (O.H.V. Engine)

(To Identify Items. Refer to Dlus. 39)

Note: ^fahile Item numbers shown and identified, refer to Rear Cylinder Head Assembly, corresponding parts (except Items 54, 55, 56. 57 and 58) are included in Front Cylinder Head Assembly.

Valve spring covers (10) and (25) are secured in place by valve guides (9) and (24). When renewing guides, also renew spring cover asbestos gaskets (14) and (28) between cylinder heads and spring covers.

Scrape clean, the cylinder heads and bottoms of spring covers of any oil seal material that may have adhered when covers were taken off.

Sort out valve spring covers, screw plates and cover plates. Covers are in three lengths—longest one for front exhaust; shortest one for rear intake; other two covers are of same length and are identified by length of oil return pipes—cover with longer pipe is for rear exhaust. The spring cover screw plates which partially encircle covers, must be assembled on covers before covers are installed on cylinder heads.

f Place one spring cover asbestos gasket (28) between each exhaust valve spring cover and cylinder head and two between each intake valve spring cover and cylinder head. Press in valve guides (the top of intake valve guide is beveled—exhaust valve guide is flat) as close as possible to a tight seat and still be able to shift covers slightly. It is advisable to renew spring cover asbestos gaskets, when valve guides are installed.

Install rocker arm shafts only to bare aluminum rocker arm housing and install housings and shafts temporarily to cylinder heads to line up spring covers. Rocker arm shaft holes in covers will, of course, have to register exactly with holes in cylinder head rocker arm shaft brackets before shaft ends will pass through. Open ends of covers must be lined up as well as possible with holes in aluminum housings. They will not in every case center in holes but must not bear against aluminum housings. Occasionally it may be necessary to spring the covers slightly to make them line up. After they have been lined up, finish pressing in valve guides (all the way down) to secure spring covers. If covers are not firmly secured, oil leakage will result. After covers are adjusted and guides tight, remove aluminum housings and rocker arm shafts. See "Valve Guides (O.H.V. Engine)," Page 46.

If tubular cover spacer (54) (1940 and earlier Models) is removed from rear aluminum rocker arm housing for any reason, apply a thin coating of gasket cement or sealer to outside where it enters hole, before installing, to prevent oil leakage. Make sure spacer bottoms in housing.

1941 and later Models have rear aluminum rocker arm housing boss extended which eliminates tubular cover spacer used on earlier Models.

Before assembling rocker arms into aluminum housings, inspect rocker pads and ball studs. Worn rocker pads, if not too badly worn, can be dressed

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