Drive Unit Screw

FOOTNOTE: Parts order thrust washer (12) is .010" thinner than production thrust washer to make sure of providing sufficient endplay for any main drive gear assembly with which it may be used. Main drive gear assembly endplay should be .005" to .014".

1937 and early 1938 gear assemblies without copper gasket require the .050" washer to obtain sufficient endplay. All other gear assemblies originally fitted with .060" washer will have .010" additional endplay when fitted with .050" washer. However, this extra endplay is of no great importance as concerns operation. Washer very seldom needs renewing.

Caution Regarding Fitting of Oversize Rollers: Fitting oversize rollers to take up radial clearance also takes up circumferential clearance. Therefore, care must be taken to avoid crowding of rollers. Assemble specified number of rollers and observe whether last roller goes into place freely and without any effort to force it; if it doesn't go into place freely, leave it out.

DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

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