Grease Fitting

Servicing Wheel Hub

(To Identify Items. Refer to Illus. 139 and 140)

To take up only excessive sideplay that may develop, it is not necessary to take hub completely apart. Simply remove screws (1) and complete thrust bearing assembly comes off end of hub and can be taken apart. One or more shims (7) as required can then be added, and the assembly reassembled on hub. Be cdreful about adding too many shims and thus binding thrust sleeve (9). It must still be free with cover screws (1) securely tightened. It is best to leave cork grease retainer

(4) out of thrust assembly while determining correct adjustment of thrust sleeve, and put it back in when readjustment is completed. Cork grease retainer interferes to some extent with free movement of thrust sleeve and, therefore, makes it difficult to determine whether or not sleeve is altogether free between thrust washers (8) and (10).

Excessive radial (up and down) play in wheel hub bearings, due to wear, can be taken up by fitting oversize rollers (11) and (18). To take hub completely apart for attention to roller bearings, first remove thrust assembly as explained above. Next, remove spring lock ring (23), washer (22), cork

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