Inserting Spokes In Wheel

Spoking Wheel

Front, Rear and Sidecar—5.00" x 15" Whc-ei and 4.00" x 18" Wheel

(Refer to Illus. Ml and 142)

Spoke holes in hub flanges are in two around flange—ten inner row holes and ten outei row holes in each flange.

All spokes must be inserted from inside of flange.

1. Place hub on bench with brake drum end of hub up.

2. Insert spokes in ten inner spoke holes of brake side flange.

3. Swing loose end of spokes counter-clockwise as far as hub will allow without turning hub.

4. Place rim over hub (with tire valve hole 90 to 180° from hub grease fitting) and insert spokes in upper row of holes in rim that angle in same direction as spokes. Note: 18" rim is placed over hub, either side down; 16" rim is placed over hub with tire valve hole down (opposite brake drum end of hub).

Just start nipples on spokes as they are inserted in rim.

5. Insert spokes in outer ten holes of flange and swing spokes clockwise.

6. Select any outer spoke, cross it over four inner spokes (1, 2, 3 and 4} and insert spoke in nearest upper rim hole and start nipple. Follow same

Truing Wheel

' irsial! truing arbor in wheel hub and place in Harley-Davidson special truing stand, Part ! 2028-X, Secure arbor nuts so that hub will on its bearings.

:•• Turn each nipple on just far enough to cover spoke threads.

3. Start at valve hole and tighten all nipples three full turns each using Harley-Davidson special nipple wrench, Part No. 12033-39. If further tightening is needed to pull spokes snug, tighten all nipples one full turn at a time until spokes are snug.

4. Check rim for centering sideways with hub, for running true sideways and concentricity. Centering rim sideways with hub and truing rim sideways must be done as one operation.

A. Rim must be properly centered sideways in relation to hub for correct alignment and "tracking" of front and rear wheels. Illus. 143 shows method of using a straight edge to determine correct sideways centering of wheel rim. Measurement shown in Illus. 143 applies to 18" wheels. Straight edge should be a perfectly straight metal bar. If rim is too close to straight edge, loosen all nipples on brake side and tighten all nipples on opposite side same amount. If rim is too far from straight edge reverse operations.

B. 16" Wheel (5.00" Tire)—Lay straight edge across rim on brake side and measure the distance from straight edge fo brake side spoke flange ot hub. When rim is correctly centered this distance will be 11/64".

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