Oil Tank Vent Pipe To Engine Timing Gear Case

To Switch Ignition Coil Terminal

Oil Circulation Indicator

Maximum Pressure Regulating Valve-Spring adjustment determines pressure at which by-passing occurs at high engine speed, (about 30 lbs.)

To Front Chain


Drive Gear

Pump Body

By-Pass Oil Direct to Timing ^.Gear Case

Oil under pressure to engine— pressure depends on engine speed and setting of Pressure Regulating Valve.

Check Valve—To prevent leakage when engine is not running. Opens under about V/i lbs. pressure.

Front Chain Oiler Adjusting Screw

Oil Feed Pump

Gears (Narrow)

Centrifugal Valve—By-passes oil at low and intermediate speeds —and thus at lover speeds limits to low poundage the pressure on oil to engine. As the valve closes tighter at high speeds, pressure gradually builds up to poundage at which the Pressure Regulating Valve is set to open and by-pass oil.

Scavenge (Return) Oil From Engine

Scavenger (Return) Oil Pump Gears (Wide)

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