Lubricating Drive Chains

Lubricating Front Chain

Front chain is automatically lubricated by engine oil pump. Chain oiling is adjustable and occasional readjustment may be needed to meet lubrication requirements of varied operating conditions.

As nearly everyone knows through experience, the good performance and life of a front chain depends entirely upon its ample lubrication. The quantity of oil required for ample lubrication is very slight. However, oiling must be constant. If oiling fails for a period of only a few hours or a few hundred miles, especially when operating at high speed, chain is likely to be ruined. Initial oiling adjustment is set at the factory as closely as possible to normal service requirements; however, the quantity of oil involved is so small, initial adjustment cannot always be trusted as final. Standard factory setting of chain oiler adjusting screw (Item (17), Illus. 56, or Item (3), Illus. 3) is as follows: O.H.V. Models— 1 full turn open; Side Valve Models— 1 Ve turns open. A 1/16" washer and required number of .002" washers are placed under screw head so that when screw head bottoms against washers point of screw is the specified number of turns off its seat.

At the intervals specified under "Initial Servicing of New Motorcycle," Page 10 and "Regular Interval Inspection and Maintenance," Page 11, remove inspection hole cover from chain guard and make a very close inspection of chain. If chain appearance

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