Overhauling Engine

When an engine needs repair, it is not always possible to definitely determine beforehand whether repair can be made with only upper end disassembled for top overhaul or whether engine must be completely disassembled for lower end repair.

Most commonly, only upper-end repair is needed (valves, rings, pistons, etc.) and it is recommended procedure to first disassemble upper end only, allowing engine base to remain in frame and following procedure outlined under "Disassembling Engine for Top Overhaul Only."

After disassembling upper end only, it may be found that lower end repair is necessary; this re-guires removal of engine base from frame as outlined under "Removing Engine Base for Overhaul," Page 40.

In cases where it .has been definitely determined beforehand that lower end repair is necessary, engine, completely assembled, should be removed from frame as outlined under "Removing Assembled Engine From Chassis for Complete Overhaul," Page 41.

DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

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