Regular Interval Inspection And Maintenance

After schedule of initial servicing of new motorcycle has been completed, this maintenance schedule is then to be followed at regular intervals not exceeding 1500 miles.

1. Check condition of oil in tank to determine if oil change is needed.

2. Lubricate all points indicated for 750 mile attention on Lubrication Chart.

3. Lubricate wheel hubs at 1500 mile intervals as indicated on Lubrication Chart.

4. Oil all control joints, namely, clutch, gear shifter, brakes, front brake control wire, and spark and throttle control wires at ends of their respective housings.

5. If motorcycle is equipped with air cleaner, inspect and service if needed. See "Servicing Air Cleaner," Page 10.

6. Remove rear chain, check for broken rollers, loose pins or cracked side plates, and then clean and lubricate as per instructions under "Lubricating Drive Chains," Page 12. Check front chain for ample lubrication. Adjust chains.

7. Flush chain oiler passage as explained under "Lubricating Drive Chains," Page 12.

8. Check clutch and clutch control adjustments. Readjust if needed.

9. Check brakes. Readjust controls if needed.

10. Check all nuts, bolts, and screws and tighten any found loose.

11. Check wheel mounting socket screws and tighten if needed. These screws must be kept very tight.

12. Check axle nuts and fork rocker plate stud nuts for loosenes.

13. Check front and rear wheel for loose or broken spokes and rim damage.

14. Clean and flush gasoline strainer.

15. Remove carburetor bowl drain plug and flush bowl.

16. Check level of battery solution and add distilled water if needed.

17. Inspect all wiring connections. Check switches and lights.

18. Completely time up engine, including: Checking circuit breaker points, ignition timing, valve tappets, spark plugs, carburetor adjustment, and cleaning muffler outlet.

19. Note that generator and oil pressure signal lights, in switch panel, go out when engine is running above idling speed.

20. Road test motorcycle to check carburetor adjustment and all-around performance.

Once every 5000 miles, or at least once a year (if total yearly mileage is less than 5000 miles), lubricate commutator end bearing of generator with high melting point grease (Harley-Davidson grade "A" grease).

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