Removing Handlebar Grip Sleeve Assembly

(C) back with slight pressure against screw while starting screw in handlebar end. This squares screw with end of grip sleeve, aligning threads. Always tighten screw securely.

After throttle and/or spark controls are completely assembled, connect control wire at carburetor and/or circuit breaker.

Adjust throttle control so throttle closes and opens fully with throttle control grip movement. There should be about 1" to IV2" between end of throttle control wire housing and throttle lever when lever is in fully closed (forward) position.

With circuit breaker-in fully advanced position, be sure end of spark control wire points directly to hole (in which it is to be secured) in advance and retard lever—1946 and Earlier Models; or timing adjusting stud—1947 Models.

OH.V. Models: Allow about Vi" of spark control wire housing to extend beyond clamp. Side Valve Models: allow about 2" of spark control wire housing to extend beyond clamp.

All Models: Adjust spark control wire so circuit breaker advances and retards fully with spark control grip movement.

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