Retainer Seat Asbestos

vVhen fitting a new Piston, measure Piston with micrometer at bottom of skirt, front to rear (across thrust faces). Measure Cylinder bore with inside micrometer. Piston should be .001" to .002" smaller than cylinder. If a fit within these limits cannot be attained with parts and facilities xit hand, it is preferable to allow more clearance rather than less.

Note: Inside 'and outside micrometers used for Cylinder* Piston fitting should first be checked together to be sure they are adjusted to read exactly the same._

standard bore

74"-3.3l2* to 3.313" 80"-3.4215*-to 3.4225*

After refocing Cylinder- seat and Valve fa««, cut Of grind additional clearance HERE; at needed to attain perfect /•matching of top •does of^Cylinder seat and Vql*e face

Asbestos Seat


Asbestos Seat


IEFT FLYWHEEL When assembled. allow .OU" » .014" ploy in _____________cronhcose. Adjust end ploy with collars litems 9 ond 33).

OIL RETAINING BUSHING — Press fit in Item 3.

im ¿DANK ¿A5E OôiLÊlt MaRINS >U5HlNC — .00»" P..» tit in coi?T SET OF CRANK CASES—NOTÉ: When only one-half cose if damoged ond needs to b« replaced, return good half to the foctory to be properly matched with a new half cote.

1940 • 61 OHV, left cote it No. 406-40A ond right coi« it No. 410-40A. 1941 ond later <1 ond 74 OHV, left cote it No. 406-41 and right cote I* No. 410-41._

5PII6ckëT SHaFT fcëafein& WaSM»

5»Ofkrr SHAFT ftOiLES femlnc ¿OmHETE — Tit this bearing .ÙMs" to 001" loose. Bearing consists of 2 No. 417*30 retainer! and 24 No.

2289-21 roller.. ISe« "FOOTNOTE NO. 2."I_

iHtagktT ¿HAFT toLte» BÉAfclNfj iPAgtli

SPtoCKEf shaft ~~_

FLYWHEEL THRUST COUAR —.066" to .102" in step. of .004".


crank pin and shaft nut lock washer__

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