Testing Regulating Field Coil Standard And Radio Three Brush Generator

Standard Generator from 1.4 to 1.9 amperes; Radio Generator, 1.9 to 2.3 amperes. If ammeter shows no reading, field coil is open (see that terminal connections are tight and field coil wires are not broken at terminals). If reading is appreciably higher than —Standard Generator 1.9 amperes; Radio Generator, 2.3 amperes, field coil is shorted internally.

4. With test point "A" still on "relay" terminal, ground other test point by moving it to generator frame as indicated by dotted line "C". Ammeter should show no reading on this test. If ammeter registers a reading, field coil, "relay" terminal, positive brush holder or third brush holder is grounded. If test shows ground, disconnect field coil wire from third brush holder. If trouble is eliminated, third brush holder is grounded. If ground still exists, disconnect field lead from positive brush holder. If trouble is now eliminated, ground is in field coil. If ground still exists the positive brush holder or "relay" terminal is grounded.

Testing Shunt Field Coil [see Illus. 84):

5. Touch test point "D" to "switch" terminal and test point "E" to negative brush holder (this brush holder is grounded) or on generator frame. Ammeter should read as follows: Standard Generator,

Harley Generator Test
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