Visual Check Of Fork Side Relative Alignment

Rough Check for Frame Alignment

Sketch (Illus. 148) shows a satisfactory method of rough checking a frame that is not visibly badly damaged but there is doubt as to its possible alignment. This check will determine whether or not frame is far enough out of alignment to require either a major re-aligning job or replacement. Straightening a badly bent frame requires special tools and fixtures for holding, bending and gauging.

The straight edge must be perfectly straight and can be either a 1" rod, or a rectangular bar 1" wide and 1/2" thick or of sufficient thickness so that it is rigid. Its length should be 65" or more.

The gauge rod can be any straight 3/8" diameter —24 thread rod at least 6" long. It is to be installed in transmission mounting plate left rear bolt hole.

The shim must be 5/16" thick and approximately 3" long. It is to be inserted between straight edge and 3/8" gauge rod.

The round bar for head must be 1-3/64" in diameter and at least 32" long. A shoulder or pin may be provided at top end of bar to prevent it from passing all the way through frame head. Bearing cups are left in frame head when using gauge bar.

Sketch includes measurements for checking alignment.

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