Blackout Headlamp Installation

1. MOUNTING STUD NUT (Curved washer and lock washer mounted between bracket and stud nut).

2. BAKELITE TERMINAL PLATE—Applying to WLA model motorcycles with U.S.A. registration numbers 618,025 and higher, connect lamp wire to second terminal from left. See Detail 35, Illustration 44.

Applying to WLA model motorcycles with U.S.A. registration numbers below 618,025, connect lamp wires directly to ignition-light switch terminal 1. See Detail 27, Illustration 43.

3. MOUNTING BRACKET—Before installing blackout headlamp on motorcycle, clean paint from left upper fork end, just below handlebar, to insure a good ground connection for mounting bracket.



Horn operating (ground) button is on left handlebar. Tone adjusting screw is in back side of horn.

If a horn fails to operate and moving adjusting screw does not remedy the trouble, it will probably be necessary to disassemble horn and clean contact points. When reassembling, tighten all bolts securely and then readjust tone by means of adjusting screw. Do not change position of adjusting screw in diaphragm.

Adjusting Service Headlamp

To get the greatest efficiency from headlamp and to meet the requirements of law, adjust as follows: Adjustment should be made in a darkened room or at night. Have motorcycle standing on a level surface about 25 feet away from, and headed toward a wall or screen upon which a horizontal line has been drawn at exactly the same height as lamp center. Motorcycle must be resting on both wheels and front wheel must be in straight-ahead alignment.

Turn light switch "ON," set handlebar thumb switch in "bright" position, and check light beam for height and direction. The top of main beam of light should register on wall or screen even with, but no higher than the horizontal line mentioned. After loosening the clamp nut underneath lamp bracket, lamp can be tilted up or down to properly aim it in relation to horizontal line, and at the same time can be turned right or left to direct beam of light straight ahead.

Lamp Bulbs

1940 and later


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