Removal and installation


1 Disconnect the battery negative (-) lead (see Section 3). The starter motor is mounted on the crankcase behind the cylinders on the left-hand side.

2 Remove the rear cylinder exhausl downpipe (see Chapter 4).

3 Peel back the rubber terminal cover on the starter motor (see illustration). Unscrew the nut securing the starter lead to the motor and detach the lead.

4 Unscrew the two bolts securing the starter motor to the crankcase, noting the earth lead secured by one of the bolts (see illustration 28.3). Slide the starter motor out and remove it (see illustration)

5 Remove the O-ring on the end of the starter motor and discard it as a new one must be used.


6 Fit a new O-ring onto the end of the starter motor, making sure it is seated in its groove (see illustration). Apply a smear of engine oil to the O-ring to aid installation.

corrosion-free. Next check for battery voltage at the yellow/red wire when the starter button is pressed. If there is no voltage, check the wiring between the relay wiring connector and the starter button. If voltage is present, check that there is continuity to earth in the green/red wire with the transmission in neutral, the clutch lever pulled in and the sidestand up (note that there will be a very slight resistance due to the diode). If there is no continuity, check the other components in the starter circuit as described in the relevant sections of this Chapter. If all components are good, check the wiring between the various components (see the wiring diagrams at the end of this book).


7 The starter relay is behind the right-hand side panel on XL models and XRV750-L to N (1990 to 1992) models, and behind the left-hand side panel on all other XRV models (see illustration 5.2a, 3.7 or 5.2b). Remove the panel for access (see Chapter 8).

8 Disconnect the battery terminals, remembering to disconnect the negative (-) terminal first.

9 Disconnect the relay wiring connector, then lift the insulating cover and unscrew the bolts


28.6 Fit a new O-ring and lubricate it

29.3a Unscrew and remove the two bolts (arrowed). .

28.6 Fit a new O-ring and lubricate it

29.3a Unscrew and remove the two bolts (arrowed). .

7 Manoeuvre the motor into position and slide it into the crankcase (see illustration 28.4). Ensure that the starter motor teeth mesh correctly with those of the starter drive gear. Install the mounting bolts, not forgetting to secure the earth lead, and tighten them securely (see illustration 28.3).

8 Connect the starter lead to the motor and secure it with the nut (see illustration 28.3). Fit the rubber cover over the terminal.

9 Install the rear cylinder exhaust downpipe (see Chapter 4).

10 Connect the battery negative (-) lead.

29 Starter motor -

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