Apply plastic gauges on each journal surface Attach the cam shaft holder and tighten the bolts. Take caution with the cam gear contact. Ensure the camshaft will not spin. Tighten the bolts equally. Remove the cam shaft holder and detach the camshaft. Measure the widest plastic gauge on each journal surface. If the figure is above the limit, replace the camshaft and re-measure the oil clearance. If the figure is still beyond the limit, replace the cylinder head and the holder. Remove the two cam...

Clutch lever free play

Inspect the free play of the clutch lever (2- Remove the quick screw and detach the right maintenance cover boss from a lower fairing grommet and detach the right maintenance cover. Major adjustments can be done by loosening the lock nut and rotating the The following parts can be inspected by detaching the right maintenance cover. - oil colour and quantity (2-15)

Common Tool

07716-0020203 Extension bar 07716-0020500 Detach the clutch centre holder. Detach the lock washer, clutch centre, shudder spring, disc, plate and the pressure plate. Attach the woodruff key to the crankshaft and attach the flywheel. Rotate the flywheel clockwise until the weight and conrods on the crankshaft do not obstruct when detaching the primary driver gear. Paint the engaging part between the primary driver gear and a primary drive gear, first cam gear as shown in the photo on the right....

CBR250RRR 13 Front Wheel Suspension Steering

Align the handle positioning pin with the slit on the top bridge and attach the pin to the fork pipe. Firmly attach the stopper ring to the slit on the forkpipe. Tighten the handle attachment bolt. Torque 2.5 3.0kg-m Clean the contact surface for the throttle grip on the handle. Attach the throttle grip.

Lifter plate bearing replacement

Inspect the lifter plate bearing (10-7) and replace as required. Detach the bearing. Attach the new bearing to the lifter plate, facing marked surface outwards. Driver attachment (28 x 30mm) 07946-1870100 Pilot (12mm) Driver handle A Attach the clutch (10-10). Attach the right crankcase cover.

Brake Pedal Detachment

Remove the push rod joint from the brake pedal. Remove the circlip and detach the pedal. Remove the spring from the pedal. Apply grease to the pivot and attach the brake pedal to the right step pivot. Install the spring to the brake pedal. Install the circlip to the groove on the brake pedal pivot. Connect the pedal and the push rod with the joint pin and attach the washer and the new cotter pin with the joint pin. Attach the right step with two bolts


Slow path (jet, pilot screw) jammed. .Clean. . Float valve, valve sheet failure Replace Float level 1 -4mm free movement of choke cable guide when steering to full right . Remove drain screw and use sell starter CAUTION FLAMMABLE Apply a tray for the fuel Disassemble and inspect the carburetor . Starter system . Slow system . Overflow .Ignition coil, spark unit pulse generator Valve Do not open throttles when using choke 14mm free movement of choke cable guide...

Fuel System

Fix the vacuum tube on the fuel auto cock with the tube clip so as to apply vacuum to auto cock. Then stop the engine. This procedure is not necessary if the vacuum pump is available. After removing the tank, apply negative pressure on the vacuum tube with the pump. Remove the fuel tank with the tube attached and locate behind the vehicle. Remove plugs washers from each cylinder head. (Remove vacuum tube for 3 cylinder). Attach the vacuum gauge adapter to each plug holes....

Transmission Inspection

Inspect the shift drum bearing for smooth Inspect guide slits on the drum for damage or Inspect the shift fork for damage. Measure the inner diameter and the thickness of the catch of the fork. Thickness of the catch.< 5.60mm) Replace Inspect the shift fork for bend and damage Measure the outer diameter of the shaft. Inspect the main shaft bearing for smooth rotation or loose fit. Disassemble the main shaft and the counter shaft. Inspect the needle bearing and the outer race on the counter...

Cylinder Head Valve

Inspect the oil oriphis on the cylinder block for clogging. Apply engine oil to the O-Ring and attach it. Connect the oil path pipe to the cylinder block. Apply sealer to the thread of the attachment bolt and tighten. Apply engine oil to the cylinder head attachment bolts and washers. Attach them to the cylinder heads and tighten. Tighten from inner corners to opposite outer Use of an exclusive tool is recommended.

CBR250RRR 14 Rear Wheel Brake Suspension

Apply grease to the lip of the dust seal arid attach it to the driven flange. Attach the brake panel to the rear wheel. Align the rear fork stopper with the slit on the brake panel. Connect drive chain to the sprocket. Attach the chain adjuster and fit the axle shaft from left side. Measure the inner diameter of the brake drum.

Clutch AC Generator

Detach the needle bearing and the clutch outer guide. Remove bolts and washers. Detach oil pump drive sprocket, collar, chain and the oil pump driven sprocket. Detach the clutch outer collar from the clutch outer Rotate the inner surface of the bearing by hand. Inspect for loose attachment or any abnormal noise. Inspect the slit between the outer surface of the bearing and the lifter surface of the bearing and the lifter plate for any loose parts.

Carburettor synchronisation adjustment

Place the fuel tank at the rear while the tube is connected. Remove plugs and washers from each cylinder head intake ports. Connect the vacuum gauge adaptor to each plug hole. Connect rubber tube of the vacuum gauge to the adaptor. Start the engine and set up the idling rpm. Idling rpm 1500 + 10Orpm Measure the vacuum difference between the cylinders. Adjust in the following manner if the difference is exceeding the limit. Check the position of pilot screws on the carburettor. Adjust...

Ignition system Troubleshooting

No ignition spark from any of the plugs Wire connection fault cutoff short circuit between Starter magnetic switch and main switch (red) Main switch and sub fuse (red black) Sub fuse and kill switch (black) Kill switch and spark unit or ignition coil (black white) Ignition coil and spark unit (yellow blue and blue yellow) Spark unit and earth (green) Pulse generator and spark unit (white blue and white yellow) One particular plug does not give spark Wire connection fault cutoff short circuit...


Conduct after adjusting the brake pedal height. Adjust by rotating the adjuster while holding the stoplight switch so as to illuminate the light when the brake pedal is pushed for 20mm. After adjusting, check by pressing the brake pedal. There is no need to adjust the front brake Support the frame and lift the rear wheel. As shown in the figure, apply 2.0 3.0kg. load on the edge of the stand and confirm its retraction. If there is no smooth movement, apply If it retracts too easily, inspect the...

Radiator Mounting In Cbr250r Information

Attach cover to the pump and Tighten the two bolts. Align the oil pump shaft and the slit of the water pump shaft and attach the water pump ASSY to the crank case. Tighten the two attachment bolts. Attach the radiator hose to the water pump cover and tighten the hose band Fill the radiator liquid (2-19). Fill the engine oil (2-17) Ensure there are no leaks after the work is completed. Remove the seat side cover. Remove the fuel tank. (4-3) Disconnect the battery terminals and Remove the...

Trochoid Rotor Oil Pump Honda Cbr 250

Thick lined cells are different from CBR25QFOURI CBR250R DOHC gear driven 2 intake, 2 exhaust Total flow, screen paper dual type Engine to transmission reduction ratio Description of the mechanism VP carburetor The CBR250RR is equipped with a VP type carburettor, which has a flat type vacuum piston. The bottom area of the piston was reduced from the area of the conventional circular cross-section piston. This reduces the downward force on the piston bottom (which resists the piston to lift),...

Detachment I disassembly

Keep brake fluid away from painted, plastic and rubber surfaces. Remove plugs and loosen hanger pins. Place clean oil pan underneath and disconnect the brake hose from caliper. Remove two bracket attachment bolts and detach caliper from the front fork. Detach the following parts from the caliper Hold the caliper with a cloth to prevent the piston and brake fluid coming out and tilt the piston downwards. Gradually apply air (low pressure) to the brake hose attachment hole and detach the piston...

Caliper assembly I attachment

Make sure all parts are free from dust debris before assembly. Do not re-use drained brake fluid. Replace piston seals and dust seals when disassembling the caliper. Apply silicone grease or brake fluid to all inner surfaces of seals and attach to the caliper. Attach the pad spring to the caliper.

Cbr250rr L

Unscrew carburettor nuts and remove nuts on the left hand side. Pull carburettor connecting bolts out to the right. Two carburettor thrust springs and three synchronisation adjust springs will come off at the same time. Do not lose them. Separate carburettors horizontally to avoid damaging the fuel joints and the air vent joints. Unscrew vacuum chamber mount screws to remove the vacuum chamber cover. Remove the spring and the vacuum piston. Check for the smooth operation of the piston in the...

Cbr250r J

Detach the left lower cowl and the left side Disconnect the fuel tube (fuel pump carburettor) from the carburettor and put the Disconnect the fuel cut relay wire coupler (Black Blue - Black) and short circuit for 5 From the amount of fuel coming out from the tube, calculate the fuel flow per minute. If there is a significant difference with the standard, inspect the fuel cut-off relay. Detach the fuel tank (22-19). Disconnect the fuel pump wire coupler. Disconnect the fuel tube from carburettor...


Tighten the oil pressure switch screw and attach the cover. Start the engine and confirm there is no oil leak. Do not overstress the cables to bend or twist. Damaged or deformed cables may cause failure or binding. Exercise caution to avoid flames when handling fuel. Always check the position of O-Ring when installing them. Replace with new ones upon assembly. Before disassembly, loosen the drain screw in float chamber and collect the drained fuel with a tray. The vacuum chamber and float...

Self Starter System

Disconnect negative terminal on the battery prior to starting the work. Remove the seat and side covers. Remove the fuel tank (4-3). Remove the air cleaner case (4-6). Remove screws and disconnect the starter cable from the motor. Remove two attachment bolts to remove the starter motor. Remove screws on the motor case Remove the case cover. Pull out the armature. Inspect the brush length and the spring tension. Inspect the conduction between terminals and the brush.

Ignition Coil Primary Peak Voltage Honda Test

Before starting the troubleshooting, test with a good spark plug to eliminate the possibility of the spark plug fault. Also, make sure the connection of plug caps and high tension leads are fine and there is no secondary current leak from the ignition coil due to moisture. If a particular ignition coil does not generate spark, swap the ignition coil and test again. If the symptom is still the same, measure the primary voltage of the ignition coil. If spark is generated normally by swapping the...

Cbr No Spark Ignition Switch

Inspect the damper seal for oil leak. Inspect the damper rubber for wear Do not disassemble while the lock nut on the lower joint is loose. Install the spring and the spring seat to the damper. Compress the spring by using the rear cushion compressor until the stopper ring can be installed. Remove the rear cushion compressor from Install the rear cushion. Install an upper bolt and a nut Install the new rear cushion lower bolt Refer to (24-8) to route the rear drain tube. Replace the rear...

Needle bearing replacement suspension linkage side

Remove the needle bearings from a rear fork by Install the new needle bearings to the rear fork by using the press machine. After installing them, apply grease to the Remove the pad pin plug and the hanger pin. Attach the pad to the caliper by inserting the projection on the pad to the caliper dent. Check the pad spring and pad retainer are set firmly before Push up the pad to compress the pad spring and install tighten the hanger pin.

CBR250RRR 14 Rear Wheels Brake Suspension

Insufficient tightening around the axle Insufficient tyre air pressure Rear fork pivot bearing failure Inadequate adjustment of the rear cushion adjuster Inadequate adjustment of the rear cushion adjuster Cushion case touching something Inadequate brake adjustment Dirt damage on the brake shoe surface Brake arm collation attachment failure

Rear brake fluid level

Check for the fluid leak if the level is low. Remove two reservoir cap attachments screws and remove the cap. Fill DOT 3 or DOT 4 standard brake fluid to the upper limit line. Do not mix different products of brake fluids. The top surface of the reservoir cap should be level when inspecting refilling brake fluid. Keep the brake fluid away from dust debris. Keep the fluid away from painted plastic rubber surfaces.

Cooling System

Inspection of mechanical seals Inspect the water pump inspection hole for radiator liquid leak. If leak was found, replace the water pump ASSY. radiator hose from the water pump cover. remove two attachment bolts and detach the Inspect the pump for damage, replace as ASSY if damaged. Do not disassemble the water pump. Water pump replacement is considered to be ASSY replacement. Attach O-Ring to the water pump cover

Cbr 250r Cooling System

Kawasaki Klr650 Thermostat

Remove two bolts arid detach the pipe. Remove O-Ririg ori the thermostat upper case. Disconnect the overflow tube. Remove two attachment bolts and detach the thermostat uppercase. Remove the O-Ring and the thermostat. Put the thermostat into the testing container And gradually raise the temperature. Thermostat specification The thermostat should not contact the container wall. Replace the thermostat if it is opened in room temperature. Measure the full open lift after applying 95 cfor 5 min....

Braking System Disc Brake

Check the positions of the pad spring and the shim. Apply silicone grease to the pin on the caliper bracket. Press the pads in. Align the pin holes on the pads and lightly tighten the hanger pins. Attach the caliper to the front fork. Tighten the bracket attachment bolt Torque 2.4 3.0kg-m Tighten the hanger pins. Torque 1.5 2.0kg-m

Common Tools

Front wheel bearing, rear fork right pivot bearing, pivot bearing on a cushion arm Rear wheel, suspension linkage except for a pivot bearing on a cushion arm with a rear fork , driven sprocket and main Shock absorber compressor - compressor screw ASSY Attach a cutter and adjust the valve seat.

CBR250RRR 9 Cylinder Piston Crankshaft

Remove the bearing cap and measure the width of plasticine gauges. If the oil clearance is beyond the limit, replace the bearing. Follow the procedure for bearing selection Record the conrod internal diameter code number. The 2 mark on the conrod is the internal Record the crank pin external diameter code number or measure it . From the crankpin and conrod code numbers, find the colour code for the bearing. Bearing Metal Thickness A Brown 1.502-1.506mm B Green 1.498-1.502mm C Yellow...

Valve stem and valve guide inspection

Inspect each valve for bent, burn, damage and unequal wear of the stem edges. Insert the valve to the guide and check the smooth operation. Measure the stem outer diameter for each valve. Apply the reamer through guides before the measurements to remove carbons.

Exclusive Tools Amended parts only New exclusive tools

Bearing remover Remover handle - remover sliding weight 07936-3710300 07936-3710100 07741-0010201 Needle bearings on suspension linkage except for the pivot bearing on a cushion arm with a rear fork , main shaft left Bearing remover 15mm remover ASSY 15mm Rear fork right pivot bearing and a pivot bearing with a rear fork on a cushion arm. Rear fork left pivot bearing attachment Clutch lifter blade bearing installation Rear fork left pivot bearing detachment Rear fork left pivot bearing...

Headlamp case Headlamp light bulb change

By pushing the catch of the headlamp wire connector, disconnect it. Detach the bulb socket and remove the bulb. Reverse the procedure for the attachment. Place the socket cover so as to have an UP marking at the top. Turn the bulb socket counter clockwise and pull it out. Reverse the procedure for the attachment. Disconnect the right air guide 22-31 . Disconnect instrument wire couplers. Remove instrument mount bolt. Instrument ASSY can be detached by rotating it...

The contents may change without prior notice due to modifications of the model

Valve Spring Cross Section

LOCATION OF SERIAL NUMBER AND COLOR LABLES Top right Bottom left Bottom right figure --------------------------- When ordering the colored part, use the model name and the color code. The vehicle is equipped with a water cooled inline 4 cylinder engine. The engine is inclined forward- 35 This inclination enables an improved straight intake manifold port, which allows smooth flow of air-fuel mixture gas. Gear drive system was applied to the cam shaft instead of chain drive system. The gear...

Cbr250rr Pilot Screw Rubber O Ring

Pilot Screw Jet Honda Aero

Install the needle jet holder, the main jet and the slow jet to the carburettor body. Install a washer, an O-Ring and the pilot screw to the carburettor body. Install the float and the float valve to the carburettor body with the float pin. Hold the float chamber mount surface vertical and tilt the carburettor 30 from that position. Measure the float level at the position where the float valve and the float arm contact. Install a new O-Ring to the float chamber and install the chamber. Place...

Tightening Torque Engine

Oil pump driven sprocket flange bolt Rear cushion lower joint locking nut For the parts not specified in the above tables, use the following standards. Standard Tightening Torque SH Small Head Bolt 8mm flange head 6mm bolt Standard Tightening Torque SH Small Head Bolt 8mm flange head 6mm bolt Detachment of needle bearings of rear fork and suspension linkage, main shaft L-bearing driver shaft assy incl. nut assembly base driver attachment A driver attachment B bearing remover A bearing remover B...