Engine starts but misfires

12 If the engine starts but misfires, make the following checks before deciding that the ignition system is at fault.

3.3 Ignition coil mounting details (right coil shown)

A Primary terminals C Mounting screws

B Secondary terminals

13 The ignition system must be able to produce a spark across a six millimeter (1/4-inch) gap (minimum). A simple test fixture (see illustration) can be constructed to make sure the minimum spark gap can be jumped. Make sure the fixture electrodes are positioned six millimeters apart.

14 Connect one of the spark plug wires to the protruding test fixture electrode, then attach the fixture's alligator clip to a good engine ground/earth.

15 Crank the engine over (it will probably start and run on the remaining cylinders) and see if well-defined, blue sparks occur between the test fixture electrodes. If the minimum spark gap test is positive, the ignition coil for that cylinder (and its companion cylinder) is functioning properly. Repeat the check on one of the spark plug wires that is connected to the other cotis. If the spark will not jump the gap during either test, or if it is weak (orange colored), refer to Steps 5 through 11 of this Section and perform the component checks described.

3 Ignition coils - check, removal and installation

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