License plate light Interstate and Aspencade

Refer to illustration 9.13

13 Remove the housing nuts and take off the housing (see illustration).

14 Refor to Step 3 above to replace the bulb, then install the housing.

10 Turn signal circuit - check

Refer to illustration 10.3

1 The battery providos power for operation of the signal lights, so if they do not operate, always check the battery voltage and specific gravity first. Low battery voltage indicates either a faulty battery, low electrolyte level or a defective charging system. Refer to Chapter 1 for battery checks and Sections 28 and 29 for charging system tests.

2 Most turn signal problems are the result of a burned out bulb or corroded socket. This is especially true when the turn signals function properly in one direction, but fail to flash in the other direction. Check the bulbs and the sockets (see Section 9).

3 Check tho fuses (seo Section 5). Tho turn signal rolay can be tested by switching the hazard relay into its position (see illustration).

4 If the fuses and relays are okay, check the wiring in the turn signal circuit (see the wiring diagrams at the end of this Chapter). Make sure the connectors are clean and tight.

11 Brake light switches - check and replacement

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