Neutral indicator light

6 If the neutral light fails to operate when the transmission is in Neutral, check the fuse and the bulb (see Section 23 for bulb removal procedures). If the bulb and fuse are in good condition, check for battery voltage at the connector attached to the gearshift sensor. Remove the fairing lower cover from the right side of the bike; follow the wiring harness from the grommet at the top of the front engine cover to the connector. If battery voltage is present, refer to Section 18 for the gearshift

7.3 Remove the screw at each end (A) and tako off tho front trim piece; tho horizontal adjuster screw (B) is behind tho trim pleco

sensor check and replacement procedures.

7 If no voltage is indicated, chock the wiring between the switch and tho bulb for open circuits and poor connections.

7 Headlight bulb - replacement

Warning: If the bulb has just burned out, allov/ It to cool. It will be hot enough to burn your fingers.

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